14 March 2014

Weekly Weigh-In #2 : -0.4kg (Total -2.6kg)

Friday, my weekly "official weigh in" day. The only day of the week I should actually be near a scale that isn't a foodscale, but unfortunately I can't let go of the daily weighing. I am afraid that if I let it slide one day, I'll fall of the wagon altogether again.  So even if the fluctuations are bringing me down when they're on the upside, it's part and parcel of this journey.

As expected the weight loss was less than remarkable this week than last, but in the end no matter how small, a loss is still a loss and a few steps closer to my goal.

I'm ready for a new week on my journey, confident and determined.  Next week's result should be better :o)

I have started up going for half hour walks during my lunchbreak and, weather permitting, I will keep doing that as it is about as much exercice as I can do right now, weight- and timewise.   Nevertheless, I think I should put my trainers in the trunk if I go walking regularly, because even if I wore flats instead of my usual heels, I did miss the support of my Mizunos.

And to round of this second week, a little overview of the distances covered since my fitbit arrived last Monday.  I think this is moving up the right way too :o)

Until next time,

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